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Beautiful work of comedy

First of all, the voice acting is *superb*. Excellent, VERY excellent. Legendary Frog sure knows not only how to voice act well but cast for the roles in his cartoons well (Return of Ganon's voice acting is equally good, for a flash movie of course).

The animation gets the job done. Nuff said.

The characters are what I would like to call endearing - they're cute, goofy, and playful, yet seem to be smart and very unique. Frog, I'd love to read about them in your serious sci-fi fics!

Kerri is cute (she's supposed to be) but still has Ark under her thumb. Aww!

Ark is a total lunatic at times, but also very cool and easy-going.

My personal request - Ark and Kerri as Neo and Trinity.

By the way, the What You Say? AYB parody in the credits is a stupid little side-movie that will just make you smile. Great stuff.

Long live Frog, the Ng phenomenon.

This is a great one, though done before

I'd like to state that the audio (perhaps save for the beginning and end with the uh.. other..dude) was NOT created by the same person who did the animation. People praising the animator for the voicework are doing so wrongly, but hey, I suppose that one can never get too much praise, even when it's not deserved.

As for the animation, it's great. Goes along with the audio very well. And yes, we all either saw the end of Summoner or TechTV (Well, okay, not everybody watches TechTV..) and saw the RedFac/Summoner characters preforming the same bit. But it still makes a great flash. Bravo!

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Very compelling..

I think this is a good game. Not the best I've played, mind you, but there can only be one 'best'. Out of thousands of games on NG, being 'almost best' means alot.

Maybe a little too freaky =p

Well obviously I must say that the music was great (what can I say, one of my songs was in it!) although the rainbow paddles weirded me out a little. In terms of gameplay though I thought the ability to have no-little-alot of gravity was an interesting perk.

And whoever said the music selection sucked, shut the @#$% up. Seriously. And I'm not just talking about my song, either, because I think Raza is a great music artist.

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Could have been better but cool as it is... ^^

If it wern't just a four note bassline i might be a little up in arms, but of course the bass is out of Rob D's Clubbed to Death. but, since it IS simply four whole notes i won't put up a big fuss, since everything else is original. and plus, it's based off the matrix (and no other song epitimizes the matrix so much as clubbed to death does).

i think this song has a lot of potential and i love anything based off the matrix, though in execution it's a tad messy and incohesive.

But, the individual pieces that make this up are cool, and it's probably a better shot at industrial than i could muster. And the matrix is cool. ^^ so, sorry, i have to go with a 7/10, 3/5.

(don't worry, D-A-R-K totally made up for this and rocks. ^^)

please export in mp3...

I really didn't want to download a 6-second long loop that was over a megabyte.

Really, find a way to export to mp3, or use a file converter. It's a waste of NG's space to put up 6-second files that are that big.... I've put up 80 kbps mp3's that are around 1:30, less than a megabyte. and they don't lose THAT much...

In any case, i really like this. I really do. the lead is very cool and reverb-y. much better than alot of short NG loops out there.

why do people steal?

You're the second person I've caught plagerizing FruityLoops Demo songs.

The melody comes straight from a song by Toby I think. RainDrops, isn't it?

Anyhow, since the last time i caught someone cheating in their music (with FL songs INCLUDED with the software.....) and emailed admins, nothing happened. So, I guess nobody cares if people plagerize?

I was going to have some respect for you as a music artist but not anymore. Damn plagerizing...

At least the other dude improved on the song.

Let me re-state, as I've said in reviews past, remixing is OK on NG if you STATE THAT YOU ARE REMIXING A SONG! If you give no credit or state that it is a remix you are effectively _taking credit for someone else's work_. Which is bad.

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